The   ew   rick    hot!

It all started back in 1972 when cousins Jerry Ricci and Jimmy Evans decided to form a local pop cover band and named it after a horse called "Trick Shot". They audition and accept John Sabatino and Gary Oxton on guitars, Mitch packer on Keyboard and Sax and Mario Cabrera on vocals and percussion. Shortly after, in 1973, the band changed to an all dance format and soon became one of the top tri-state area club bands.

In 1976 the band relocated to Florida minus founding member Jerry Ricci and continued on for two more years before disbanding. Jimmy Evans continued on in Florida with a band called Trix.
Back on Long Island Jerry Ricci followed his passion of playing the drums and decided to open up a small music store calling it the Long Island Drum Center. Needless to say the store has continued to grow over the past 30 years with a thriving retail and mail order/ Internet business keeping drummers happy around the world.

With the release of their single "Sexxy Soul" on the legendary Chess records, 1975 became an important year in their career as the song charted in numerous American cities and Japan. It wasn't long before "Sexxy Soul" was a staple in every Long Island Disco.

A Bit Of History

In 2006, after a 5 year run with a prominent Long Island Dance band, Jerry decides to put together a new version of Trick Shot. He enlist's the aid of long time friend Butch Poveromo. Jerry invites Doug Jackson and Irv Berner to join and Butch brings in George Bitzer and Jack Kunz, who all accept. Rehearsals commenced on May 3rd, 2006. September 2006, Doug Jackson bows out due to an intense workload at his "day" job and Butch brings in Paul Antonios on Bass and Lead Vocals. Band debuts in October 2006 with great success!

FYI-An original copy of "Sexxy Soul" on Chess records, in mint condition, is currently selling for $40-$45 in the United Kingdoms Soul Circles Club!

For all of the old fans who have been asking, Mitch Packer and Jimmy Evans live in Pompano Beach Florida and Gary Oxton now resides in Martinez Georgia where he still makes music. JJ Frank, our old DJ, is on the case trying to locate John Sabatino and Mario Cabrera.
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